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Halloween Treats

November 2, 2009

(if you like entrails)

Dear J. Fabs,

Happy birthday again. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to talk, even though realistically it would’ve been you trying to yell over the awful din of whatever club you were rocking out in, and sorrier that we didn’t get to spend it together like we have the past three years. Nothing says Halloween like trying to cram as many parties into one night as you can before someone starts puking in a club or a cab, and needs to be taken home.

I managed to fit in some most excellent events this Halloween, starting with a titillating performance of equal parts cheesy and sexy by Glamourpuss Burlesque. The girls have really come a long way since I first saw them perform on Vic campus. The routines are more polished, and the music choices were great this time around. I was really impressed with the variety in the show. Darcy, Caroline’s old and current room-mate, sang for the show adding an element of cabaret to the thing. There were also artists drawing the stage action, girls handing out candy, and fortune tellers. I got my fortune read. Apparently I am going to live very long and be very healthy. I’m going to get married only once and it’s going to stick. I’ll have one kid, and one huge fight in my 30’s. And apparently, I will have to be quite careful with my finances if I want to have any finances. Dave, Katimavik Dave, didn’t put much stock in the fortune telling, but I was pretty excited because it was my first time having my palm read. Cold reading or not.

And I’m not going to lie, I’ve been dying to get to see the inside of Goodhandy’s for a long time and it’s nice to be able to do that when there’s not a sex party going on.

Saturday, I finally got to do the  Zombie Walk which was rather fulfilling after having made and broken plans to do the walk for 4 consecutive years. You saw the pictures. We looked fucking ridiculous. When we finished up, Dave and I parted ways with our fellow brain-eaters to meet up with Mark at work in Yorkville. At this point I was actually limping from the pain of having done the walk in 4 inch heels (albeit, sometimes just the one). I was also legitimately moaning at this point. It looked, authentic. I showered that night with my clothes on.

I didn’t want to spend anymore money on a Halloween costume, so I repeated the zombie thing for Halloween. Also, Mark and Adam were dressed as queens, so I figured they had the important Halloween ingredients of hilarity and sexiness down. Someone had to be terrifying, it might as well be me. And oh boy, did I look terrifying.

We went to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was a fun but tame way to spend the night. I spent the last 5 or so minutes of the show snoozing. I am such a grandma sometimes. Dave was kind enough to pick us up and take us home. I had to hit the hay not too long after.

Today was wonderful and relaxing in the way that only Sundays can be. I got all dolled up because I’d been sifting through an Italian fashion magazine, and David and I walked to Kensington Market. Coffees at Dark Horse. Sweets from Hong Kong Island Bakery. Then we roasted two chickens for dinner at my place (I promised to post the recipe for Paula), which was well worth breaking the vegetarianism for. I felt like the hugest douchebag on earth because I was supposed to have linner with Caroline, and suggested we do it here instead but she couldn’t. Of course, this was before realizing that she had a menu and groceries ready. Oh well. I think she will forgive me.

Okay, time to wrap this all up. Tomorrow’s gonna hurt, I can tell. I put some body part drawings up here until I can get some Halloween pictures from Adam. I couldn’t find my camera, and it’s pretty useless without the flash. I want a DSLR so bad.

❤ T.

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  1. November 4, 2009 10:30 pm

    loves the macabre illustrations, so holiday appropriate! The skull and eyeball are especially appreciated because that’s what I’m studying lol
    I’m going to print them and hang them up on my desk at work!
    Hopefully my coworkers won’t be squicked out and object…

  2. November 5, 2009 3:16 am

    Ha ha! I love that they may actually be of some use to you! That’s too amazing for words. Yo! We need to talk Thanksgiving!

    ! (one last exclamation for good measure)

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