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The Alchemical Process of turning Experience into Image

November 11, 2009

Last week I was talking about the process work it takes to do the band illustrations. Usually, you’ll find me pressed up against the stage at the show, taking mediocre photos. Or, like at the past Timber Timbre, Bruce Peninsula show, you’ll find me at the front of the auditorium swearing because the batteries in the DSLR camera is dead, as well as the batteries in the SLR’s light-reader. So, once again, I did not get any show photos for Timber Timbre show. Albeit, there wasn’t much action going on up on the stage, that was a sit down kind of act. The auditorium looked like a gym auditorium, and everyone was sitting down on the floor silently looking up to watch the band like it was an elementary school concert.

This photo, actually taken by Caroline, looks like this because it decided to take a little swim in the toilet. I was in the public washroom of the Alliston Library, and I had brought the photos to the library because I wanted to show them to my mom who recently switched from SLR to digital. Unfortunately I made the strange mistake of taking the photos into the bathroom, and laying them on top of the toilet tank. This only served as a platform for the photos to swandive into the toilet bowl. They didn’t get too wet, but I remember taking each one out and wrapping them individually, in that thin public washroom toilet paper (another mistake, because the toilet paper stuck to photo paper as it dried).

I am excited to report that this weekend I am going to Ottawa. It’s been a long time since I’ve been anywhere, even back home to see the ‘rents. Actually getting to go to another city, even if it’s quiet nation capital, is thrilling. I get to see Karl, and Sandra, and Mel and Helen from Katimavik. I will have to buy a new battery for my SLR.

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