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If you take one more motherfucking picture, I’m going to shove that camera up your ass

November 20, 2009

Sometimes taking a good picture means taking photographs when and where you’re not supposed to be. The last series of photographs I posted were taken only minutes before being kicked out of No Frills in the Dufferin Mall (where, let me just point out, I continue to go and buy groceries at every week). In the same spirit, I decided to take my camera with me on my trip to Ottawa, where I snuck a few shots inside of the art gallery. The conspicuous clicking of my shutter almost got me busted when I was trying to get a shot of a fantasy chandelier pirate ship reflecting off of the mirrored gallery floor. Luckily, I moved fast enough that the guard could only suspect (and not prove) what I was doing. (Relax, I didn’t use a flash).

Last night I went with my little sister to go an watch Peaches play at Phoenix. The venue was packed with people stepping on top of people in front of and around them to get an even close view of the stage. We arrived just in time to catch the tail end of the opener, and it was impossible to get up to the front of the stage then, so I had pretty much written off picture taking. But I’m sure that Peaches must take into consideration how she’s going to show up on film, because there were so many opportunities to get some really interesting shots. Like when she leapt into the crowd to be tossed around by all of us. Singing the whole time, she finally stops right in front of me, my sister, and our friend Mel. She has them hold her in a standing position while she screams rock and roll. The audience is holding my freaky bisexual idol in front of me- Wearing a pink puffy legless battle costume from the future. And by some good luck, the lighting for the show was so good I didn’t really have to worry about shooting in the dark too much. Good opportunities do not spread-eagle themselves in front of you so often, so I started shooting. Which is when Peaches yelled, “If you take one more motherfucking picture, I’m going to shove that camera up your ass!”

That show was such a spectacle. We got a bit more than we asked for as far as entertainment value was concerned.

I hope that I’m coherent tonight. I wanted to get down to finishing the Timber Timbre article that I’ve dragged out the writing of infinitely. And I need to get a good chunk of the illustrating done. But that didn’t happen because my laptop is giving me troubles. Why do I feel like I’m always singing the technology age blues? Cellphones being held together with packing tape. Vanishing off the edge of the world wide internet for months at time. The latest troubles is coming from the fact that my computer is running Windows 7, but it just doesn’t have the power to do that. I am stumped trying to figure out how to uninstall Windows 7 and put XP on the machine. Mark said something about downloading the OS and burning some cds. Technology blows my fucking mind- So I have to conquer it. This is the reason I’ve been reading through pages and pages of uninstalling, reinstalling, and oem copies.

And listening to Sarah Harmer.

These photos are not from the Peaches show or from Ottawa. These are some pictures taken earlier this fall. We’re all going to pray, and in a few days when I get my pictures back, hopefully I will actually get a few shots. Unlike the last two rolls that I developed. I lost pictures from out in the country at my parents place on Thanksgiving weekend as well as the Amy Millan photos. But I have a good feeling about these ones.

Is all blogging done at in the early hours in the morning? I will leave you with one last thing. This is the article James and I did for the Thao article. James usually heads the writing end of things, which is why I’m excited to be heading this upcoming article. Which is why I have to go to sleep now, so I can wake up early and finish it.

Whenever I spend any length of time of the computer, my kitten gets jealous that I’m petting the keyboard instead of her.


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  1. November 20, 2009 8:57 pm

    Mark does look super 70’s! Awesome!

    Lol, I love that Peaches yelled at you for being such a paparazzi! I totally wanna see some awesome shots. And how was Ottawa? I wanna here more about that!

    Poor, envious little Wednesday. Take more pictures of her! I bet she’s like a giant now.

  2. January 5, 2010 8:33 am

    Someone asked me the other day how these pictures turned out. Well, um, they didn’t. I don’t know why I was able to take pictures of Bruce Peninsula at the Horseshoe in the dark, but I can’t seem to be able to do this again. Which fucking sucks, because girl was hamming and posing up a storm.

    Also, there was actually someone in front of me taking pictures of Peache’s bush. This apparently was the chick that had enraged the wrath of Peaches and not me. (My sister filled me in on this). Well, I guess you get off the hook easy sometimes.

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