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blog island returns to business as usual

January 5, 2010

…after the winter holidays.

Today was the first day back to work after the winter holiday. I think everyone at the restaurant really needed the break. We were starting to get a little mangy- giving cutty eyes to one another’s throats. Losing all of the bread and butter knives in each others’ backs. If Christmas is good for anything, it’s good for getting a little breathing space so that we can all get through the day without trying to murder anyone.

I have to say, all things considered, it was quite a nice holiday. Mark and I threw a very successful Christmas potluck with lots of guests, lotsa booze, and lotsa food. There really is something appealing about trying to fill this small apartment with as many of my favourite people as fit inside. Monday after the party, it was back to work until the 24th. And then on our last day of work our boss decided to see if he could get us all drunk. This would make interacting with my dad interesting later, when he came to pick me up. But even with my ever diminishing tolerance for alcohol, I think I managed to hold it together all right enough.

In light of recent events, I had decided prior to making the Bethlehemic trip home, that my behaviour was going to be saintly. The whole trip was cooking, cleaning, and driving out to the Brampton Civic Hospital everyday with my dad. At night we watched movies. My dad and I get halfway through the LOTR extended editions box set before it was time to go back to the city for another 2 days of work.

Tuesday after work Dave came and met me at my place after work. We proceeded to get to dive into the depths of a bottle of chianti, and swam along a limoncello stream. After our swim we dried off and headed down to the Dakota Tavern to catch Jason Collett’s last December show there. I should lie, but I really couldn’t help but enjoy walking to the front of the line to the front of the line for guest list in front of all those hipsters. Plus Juan seemed to get a kick out of it too, even though we barely stayed for a few minutes before our rumbly bowels had us off to the Lakeview for some food. The show ended up being very good, once we dealt with the issue of our stomaches. There were poets and folk and country musicians that I’d never heard of but were very good. Jason reminded me of a young Bob Dylan, or Bruce Springsteen or something. Earnest, but also a little put on in denim, flannel shirt, and cardigan. It was a good experience to get to see his last Dakota set, but by the time he ended the show we were too tired to see what kind of surprise he had saved for the end. More and more I find, I am willing to sacrifice a little excitement for one caffeine-free morning smile at work the next day.

Wednesday Dave wanted to go to Common Sort, so he decided to hang around my apartment and wait for me to get home from work so we could go together. It’s always nice getting to cruise around the old ‘hood. It feels nice to date someone who likes vintage instead of wondering why I buy people’s used goods.

We had gotten home, full of Queen Street East caffeine, and were wondering what we ought to do with ourselves when who should I get a phone call from but from Sarah Grace recently landed from that overseas imaginationland, Europe. (I don’t know if she’s going to continue that blog now that she’s back from Europe, but I rather hope she does). Her buddy Brian was going to play a set at the Horseshoe, and she wanted me to come. She screamed a little when I told her I was bringing David, and later would ask if we were dating. The show was unmemorable. Brian’s band was the best act of the night, at least before we decided that we’d had enough of “musical genres that would’ve been better off left for dead when we left highschool band night”.

Getting to see Sarah Grace was really the best surprise of the Christmas break. We sat on the patio outside the Horseshoe, SG on my one side and Dave on the other, and I thought of that fateful plane ride on October 5th 2005, and of how we’d sat together the same way, 3 strangers meeting. There was this circle comes whole feeling about it.

NYE was a small scale repeat of the Christmas party. A hangover New Years Day brunch at the Starving Artist was a fun little indulgent treat, especially with party hats and Caesars. Well, I could continue to chronicle the break for you guys. But this is getting long, the night is getting late, and I get the feeling that none of you guys really care about how many hours of gameplay I’ve recently put into Majora’s Mask.

I will leave with a recipe though, because everyone knows the holidays ARE about eating.

Love love love

try this with kalamatas

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  1. January 6, 2010 9:54 pm

    Mmmmm that pasta does sound delicious! I’m printing that shit out!

    Also, I’d say that Christmas party was more than successful, although I feel a bit bad about not being around for the clean-up portion of it since I helped to successfully destroy your apartment and then get thoroughly retarded in it. I’m glad you got to hang with SG though since I know you get to see her even less often than I get to see you. Hopefully the next time I do so will be soon!

  2. Dave permalink
    January 12, 2010 9:00 am

    bowels, bellies, same diff

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