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In between shows.

March 20, 2010

Last night was one of those nights where I just sat around my little Lansdowne apartment in my pjs, doing nothing but listening to music and cruising down the information highway at a lazy speed. Out there it might have been a Friday night, but in here I’ve just come home from working all day and I’m tired. It’s an off-night between shows anyways.

The last issue of the Strand hits newsstands April 1st, and to celebrate April Fool’s day  the Strand has decided to publish a joke issue. That brought David and I to Hugh’s Room on Thursday night to watch Fred Penner, yes Fred Penner, perform a two act set with his two daughters Kendra, Hayley and friends.

I did leave the house once last night. At 10:20 I rushed out on the TTC to grab tickets for tonight’s Cuff the Duke show at Lee’s Palace. I made it to Soundscapes a mere minute before the shop closed, but the Manager was nice enough to let me in and snag the coveted tickets. The girl behind the counter was at least 6 inches taller than me, and her looks were of that rare librarian sexy. When I tried to pay her I threw my coins onto the table and they flew everywhere. She laughed. Out on the street every kind of people were out trolling the Little Italy stretch, and I think to myself how much I hate Little Italy. How much I hate any place where there’s a party that I’m not at. Parties always seem so stupid when you’re not in attendance.

I make my way back north on the street car. The families are all gone now, just people making there way out to Friday night frolicking. I feel kind of like making some of my own fun so I take these photos at a photo both.

I have to catch a Go Train now to Oshawa. It is Persian New Year, and I am attending a New Year’s dinner with Dave and his family. When the food is gone, we will politely duck out to see Cuff the Duke. More on both those shows soon.


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