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A new magazine, some reviews, and a bluegrass drawing

April 8, 2010

I’m up late tonight because I went to a hip-hop show with my sister tonight. She dragged me out to a part of town I don’t usually venture to- Richmond just east of church to Harlem Restaurant and bar, to watch a hip-hop, reggae, and R & B show being played as a benefit to raise money for Haiti. Although talented a lot of the artists were, many of them fall flat

In the past few weeks I’ve started writing for a new magazine called Music Vice . Thus far I’ve written a show review for Cuff the Duke, as well as album reviews for Serena Maneesh and Titus Adronicus‘ latest releases all of which you can read here .

I also did a joke review of Fred Penner’s show that I saw in March for the April fools edition of the Strand which you can read it here .

And lastly, here’s a picture of a bluegrass band Dave and I saw last Saturday night at the Holy Oak. They’re called Motherboy XXX (so I guess they love Arrested Development too).

April 3 at the Holy Oak

a bluegrass Saturday at the Holy Oak

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