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before greetings from toronto

August 9, 2010

By the time you read this, I’ll be on vacation in Nova Scotia. Right now it’s Monday a week earlier, and I’m trying to get my duckies in a row- including writing all these blog entries. I thought, while I suntanned and visited the Alexander Keith’s brewery- that I would do some reflection to where I was a year ago, when this blog was just a twinkle in my eye.

Before greetings from toronto was a thing, I was talking with this friend about how I could get my art shown. I was still an artist with no medium. I hadn’t started doing my writing with The Strand or Music Vice. I had spent a whole year out of school, and now it was time to start doing something with my time besides working for someone else’s company.

He suggested a blog because it would be easier than building a website from scratch. But I’d done the livejournal thing when I was younger and more melodramatic, and didn’t want to go down the oversharing details of my private life that are probably best left private life road again. I wanted to do something that was more of an art project.

I knew that once I had a name, I’d have a project. After a few months thinking, I came up with the name greetings from toronto. The project was going to be letter writing in an age of much faster technology. I would make postcards, drawn on location, write on the back and then send them to people.

That idea didn’t work out in full. They never really do. But the letter writing has stuck, and I found a place to put my art, and keep up my writing, as well as capturing my undying enthusiasm for all things Toronto.

Here are the first prototypes for this website, which I never used or mailed.

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