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If you ever wanted to buy an original…

November 5, 2010

poster design by Mark Leal

If you ever wanted to buy an original piece of my artwork, this would be your chance. To help support CSSDP I have given a donation of some of my older artwork for sale in a silent auction and art show that they’re holding tomorrow. I make a small commission (25%) and they get the rest of the money to help keep their organization afloat.

Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an organization that aims to end the prohibition on drugs because of the harmful effects that prohibition has on Canadians. The effects of the legalization of illegal drugs such as marijiuana would include saving the taxpayers money on cops to enforce drug policies, as well as helping to eliminate gang violence by putting gangs out of business. By introducing government standards for the quality of drugs, the government could reduce the amount of harm of drugs have on users. If you look at nations such as Holland, there is also a precedent that when a nation legalizes drugs- drug use actually goes down amongst citizens. Again, good for taxpayers who want to spend less money on health and mental health care. A government monopoly on currently illicit substances, much in the same way that Ontario has the LCBO, would also bring in a lot of revenue for our so-called government.

I hear that Harper spent $100 a piece on pens for the leaders at the G20 conference. He could fund that with a little legal drug money. If you look at the cold hard facts, it would be hard to find a logical reason not to end the prohibition.

Smokers and midnight tokers get out there and support some people that are campaigning for the legalization of drugs. And for all you dissidents, they’re be lots of people on hand for lively discussion on the topic.

Pieces for sale:

(admittedly, these are awful photos)

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  1. Jordan permalink
    November 6, 2010 12:08 pm

    Hey, just FYI, the poster designed by Mark isn’t showing up and the link gives me a 404 error! Oh noes!

    Also I love that I was around for the creation of most of these – I miss living in Toronto so hard!

  2. November 7, 2010 5:13 pm

    It seems to working now.

    You were around for the making of any of these. Some are even older if you can believe that. I wasn’t really ready to part with the new stuff as I’m still hoping to exhibit and make some prints. I sold one piece. The vanilla coke thing.

  3. Jordan permalink
    November 8, 2010 1:45 pm

    Maybe I just can’t see it in America or something? Cuz it’s still a lil box with a red x in it to me 😦

    Yay I’m glad the vanilla coke thing sold, that’s amazing! It’s for a good cause 🙂 How’s the job sitch going right now? I’m glad you had an opportunity to get some of your awesome art out there!

  4. November 11, 2010 11:56 am

    I was happy too and can’t wait to get to participate in another show, although there are none on the horizons right now.

    Well, I’m working, but I need a better job. Full-time would be nice, if there are any out there. Problem is, I’ve spending a lot of time making art lately, and not job searching. I feel that’s a good way to spend my time too and it relaxes me, but I got to get cracking on finding something more suited to my skills. Or at least offering some security and benefits.

  5. Jordan permalink
    November 13, 2010 10:12 am

    Working on your craft is definitely a valuable use of your time, it just tends not to be a very lucrative one at the beginning, at least with most crafts. I’m dealing with the drama of that right now, what with graduating in December and having to figure out whether to look for internships or jobs or graduate programs. Also, I’m dealing with lots of craziness with the kids, since we’re all in transition right now. Ashley quit her job yesterday (thank god she has another one lined up, even if it’s only part-time) and Erik quit his job at the salon a few weeks ago (also with another salon job lined up, but in a brand-new salon that is still finding its feet) so money is really tight with everyone and everything feels a bit tentative right now! Eryn’s looking to move out, and Mean Katy is trapped in minimum security art prison.

    So, continuing on the gossip thread, how are Mark and Sara and Paula and Toronto people?

  6. November 16, 2010 8:58 am

    Mark is still unemployed. Sara is creating a lot of drama for herself chasing after these guys she doesn’t even like that much, and Paula and Ian broke up at the end of the summer. She just sent him to ex-island after trying the friendship thing- which in my experience, is impossible. I ran into Rob Baj the other day at the Go Train station, which was nice but also sad because it got me thinking about the fact that we don’t really have a friendship anymore. Then I thought about all those people with which I don’t have friendships anymore.

  7. Jordan permalink
    November 16, 2010 1:48 pm

    Aw, how are you and Mark doing? I know that financial strain can add a lot of tension to an already rocky relationship (and none of my experience includes the level of financial strain that paying rent together involves! Mostly I lend people money and they fail to pay me back -_-). I got literally Sara’s memoir recently so I’ve been writing her a little advice column! I should just post it online so she has something to refer back to when it comes to her constant boy drama – Jorgi’s Advice For Girls Who Don’t Get It or something along those lines, although you can get the same thing from He’s Just Not That Into You. Also some general female empowerment type stuff as well as how to set managable goals and stop buying stupid shit, goddamnit! So, I pretty much need to write a book. Anyway, I totally know how you feel about the friendships thing – especially having left Toronto, you and Sara are the only people from Canada that I’m not related to that I talk to on any kind of regular basis. I trade interesting comments with Tanya on facebook still (although now that she’s at Princeton she’s on my side of the border!) and harrass Paula that I want to see her when I’m in town, but that’s pretty much it. Even at home, there are people in my life that I’m beginning to question why we’re even friends. I basically need more friends, lol.

    P.S. You should get drinks or something with Rob Baj though! He’s awesome.

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