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November 5, 2010

I started this drawing back in October while I was still looking for work and was kind of bummed out. My job at the Starving Artist was fizzling out, which was a pretty big letdown. I am getting so sick of looking for work- it’s such a mental drain. What a rollercoaster of a month between  zombie anniversaries and failed election hopes- music festivals and fights with old friends.

Somewhere in the mix Lara invited me over to her place. I was itching to draw her for a long time. Usually when I ask someone to model for me it’s a lot of arm twisting, but Lara actually had me up in her place for dinner and drinks- which was really nice. The first draft of this looked like crap. I decided to use pencil after I almost had to throw out the portrait I made of Nick, but it did not get the effect I was going for so I let the portrait sit for a bit before I came back to it. With a little follow through it worked out in the end, and I managed to bring it back to my original idea which was trying to draw Lara as her favourite book character Lolita.

The words in the background are taken from a passage in “Lolita”.

she drowns in lollipops and erotic text

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