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My DIY Christmas Recording

December 25, 2010

This year for Christmas I didn’t want to overdo it. Last year was the first year I’d ever really any money to spend on Christmas, and I totally blew the budget. I spent about $500 with very little to show for it, which was way too much considering what I bring and that I still have OSAP loans outstanding and a college education I’m saving for. That, and with Christmas comes so much buying of stuff that friends and family already have perfectly functioning versions of. It’s heartfelt and the sentiment is appreciated, but its excessive.

So this year I thought it would be fun to have a DIY Christmas. My friend and roommate Mark made bath bombs for his friends and family for a fraction of the price and twice the fun of a trip to LUSH. (And he got to avoid those chirpy sales associates who always try to upsell you.) I decided to make prints of some of my artwork for friends and family, and bought vintage frames from a few of the many thrift stores outside of my house. For my sweet boyfriend I got a pair of tickets for the 10th anniversary edition of The Sadies NYE Horseshoe Tavern Bash (which we are both really looking forward to). But perhaps the most exciting present I gave was a recording I made for my friend Jordan.

When we lived together on residence at U of T, she drove me crazy listening to The New Pornographers Twin Cinema single “Sing Me Spanish Techno”, so it seemed like an obvious choice for a cover song. As for writing my own material, I’m not quite there yet. But making the recording was very enlightening and kind of fun. It gave me a lot of insight into just how much work goes into making one song! I made this cover in two sessions, and the guitar took a lot more time than the vocals. The first session I didn’t really get anything usable for the guitar part, but the second session turned out to be a lot more productive. I wish I could’ve done a few more takes on the vocals, but there wasn’t time as I was kind of pushing it as far as getting the recording done for Christmas. Overall though, I’m pretty happy with it, and man have I come a long way since I pulled that acoustic out from under the bed 2 years ago. I have to thank Dave for doing all the recording stuff, charming back up vocals, and guitar lessons along the way where I often lost my temper.

You can check out the results here.

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