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the box tiger live on Radio Wunderbar episode 2

January 30, 2011

It has been a good week in working towards New Years goal number 1. get into radio/internet radio/podcasting.

Earlier this week on Thursday, I had my volunteer orientation with CIUT which proved to be very fruitful. I am starting my volunteerism with the station tomorrow in reception, and with a little luck I’ll find myself shadowing a techie on a show soon- working on the research and taping for a show that Caroline and I are currently drafting a proposal for.

Also, in some very exciting news- I got my first taste of going live-to-air today on a show that my editor (and the editor in chief) at Music Vice Brian Banks just launched called Radio Wunderbar.  The show is being hosted on Indie Love Radio every Sunday from 5PM-7PM, and Brian was kind enough to offer me a 15 minute segment about Quebecois music. It was decided that we would use the name <<Parlez Vous Francais>> after a song off of the Arts VS Science EP. The original song list for our segment ended up getting revised because it didn’t fit the all indie criteria for the website, and in the end the segment focused on music from Montreal sister labels Dare To Care Records, and Grosse Boite Records. (1. Malajube, Montreal -40c 2. Tricot Machine, L’Ours 3. Coeur De Pirate, Printemps 4. La Patere Rose, La Marelle).

Brian had on The Box Tiger as his special guests, which is kind of cool because a month ago we were sitting at the Supermarket hatching radio schemes while this band was playing. Brian liked them so much he told them he wanted them to be the first guests on his show, and sure enough he got them in the studio tonight for his second live to air show. While they performed, I drew this picture of them which I added a background to in Paint. (Yes, paint. Call it experimental backwardsism).

It was a great performance and a good show. Brian’s going to get the recorded show on the web soon, and I’ll post the link for any interested listeners.

the box tiger live on radio wunderbar

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