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Radio Wunderbar episode 21

June 13, 2011

On yesterday’s edition of Radio Wunderbar (a sneak peek of music to come at this week’s NXNE festival) we hosted special guests Bella Clava. I was trying to figure out where I knew the bassist from, and then I realized that he’s from The Commandeers who I interviewed about a year and a half ago (and who are also playing NXNE, I believe).

I took the chance to make a drawing for the band. (Caitlin’s actually really pretty, but sadly, such is the nature of ballpoint pen).  If you like psychedelic, check out their show Thursday night at Rancho Relaxo. The podcast should be up later in the week if you’d like to check out the performance.

After the show I had to jet out to Hotel Ocho for the Urban Ex Masquerade. It was a little ill attended, but we had a great time in spite of that. Three out of the four pieces I donated sold (not the drawing of my ugly cyst, surprise, surprise)- and I was especially happy that the bicycle drawing went to Robert’s friend Dewi from the CBC. I think I’ll be helping him with some drawings for future zines for Robert.  (He’s the one that puts the zines together for Rob, and provides illustrations). I had never met Em before, but I was really impressed both with the aims of the organization and the super classy venue that the event was held in. The only not classy thing about the event was me, slowly ripping the slit to more and more revealing heights everytime I sat down. By the time I got off the subway, the slit was showing everything up to my back. Ah well. Thank god I chose to wear underwear.

bella clava band

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