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Music Vice and greetings from toronto. Get your fix @ NXNE!

June 14, 2011

In a very exciting twist of fate, Brian secured a table for Music Vice at Yonge and Dundas Square this upcoming Thursday. We’ll be there selling a special edition paper zine from 6-7 PM, with articles featuring the night’s headliners- The Descendents, and Fucked Up. My contribution to the zine includes an interview with CATL, a personal tale of rock and roll, and a drawing of Chad VanGaalen.

I’m also going to selling prints of my rock and roll illustrations, as seen on greetings from toronto and Music . Prints are going to be 1 for $10, or 2 for $15. Hopefully some of you can make it out to visit us.

Below is an excerpt of the interview with CATL.

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promo shot

T: At what point did you decide, okay, I want to play the blues?

Catl: It was during that time when I was playing in the punk band. Someone passed me a record of that old school, Mississipi blues. Mississipi Fred McDowell just so happened to be the first record. It fit my style of playing well, so I aped his style a little and learned by listening to his records. As I started listening to the music, I realized all modern music spawns from this one era here. In the 50s blues became rock and roll. Rock and roll became punk rock. It’s just a natural segway- so I took it all back to what it used to be. I used that progression as inspiration for the songs we do now- songs which are essentially based on music from the 1920’s and 30’s.

Blues was punk rock for the 20’s and 30’s. Those guys were super intense- they were criminals. Murderers and philanderers. The music reflects that lifestyle, which is essentially the same as punk rock. They’re just talking about their lives. They’re talking about problems in society- Those guys (the punks) were doing the exact same thing.

But we’re not doing that dead to rights. We’re not trying to be a blues band. We’re a dance band with a blues influence in 2011.

T: How many times have you guys done NXNE?

Sarah: This’ll be our third together, as a threesome.

Catl: But this’ll be our first time doing a bunch of stages in one night at NXNE. We did the same at CMW a couple of months ago. Dan does the booking for the Silver Dollar Room and Comfort Zone, and we’ve been friends since the beginning. He put this show together for us called CATL Up and Down because we play upstairs at the Silver Dollar Room, and run downstairs to the Comfort Zone and party all night.

T: How do you guys feel about some of the headliners this year? Plan on catching any of the shows at Yonge and Dundas Square? I know I definitely want to catch Devo.

Catl: Fucked Up are our friends. We were there for the CD release at the pop up store, which was a really great idea. We went to see Iggy last year. It was amazing.

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chad vangaalen and popsicle rain

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