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Etiquette Jewellery sketch

October 20, 2012

I’ve begun to think about where I want to take this new project. I decided to start with the jewellery when I was on vacation in Nova Scotia this year. For a while I’d been thinking about setting up some sort of business, and beadwork is an old hobby of mine- so it just made sense to try and translate my love of making art, into craftsmanship.

Later I started taking some classes through the Fashion Incubator. I wouldn’t have thought to go, but my sister is somewhat of a career fashionista- and she recommended the free courses as a place where designers & artists could learn the skills to build a business. The Passion For Fashion courses have been great, although, I’ve realized how much work goes into all this that isn’t product creation.

With the help of some friends, I’ve started to work on some of the branding that’ll go into this project. My vision is to create a brand where art & craft will be sold side by side. We’ve started to think about logos, and I couldn’t help myself from doing a sketch. This is probably a far cry from what the final will look like. (We’re thinking something which can be cut into a stamp).

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