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Next Show: Laissez Les Femmes Peindre

May 7, 2013

Working on a new piece right now for an upcoming showing, curated by Toronto artist Jimmy Chiale. The show is called Laissez Les Femme Peindre, & translates to Let The Women Paint.

This show will feature 26 female artists, each using a different letter of the alphabet as inspiration for a painting where we will each depict how we think women should be represented in art.

I have the letter Y, and will be exploring the idea of Yin & Yang in my piece titled xx = xy, xx ≠ xy (women are equal to men, women are different than men). The piece will feature artists from popular culture, who embody the idea of seemingly opposite & contradictory truths. Specifically, I’ll be depicting strong- female musicians as I feel that women are so often seen & not heard in artistic representations.

The show is Thursday, May 16th @ The Brockton Collective

Show flyer:

laissez les femmes peindre

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