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I want to draw your band @ NXNE Art

June 5, 2013

I want to draw your band

is an ongoing art project I will be doing this year at the NXNE festival as a part of their newly launched art programing. It is a live drawing project- wherein I will be attending festival shows at various venues across the city, and creating live drawings at the musical performances I attend. I will posting drawings daily to this site, and sharing my visual notes over twitter. The entire collection of every band/music related drawing I have ever created will be available to view at the NXNE Art Fair in the Ryerson Quad on Sat June 15th & Sun June 16th.

This project aims to show the experience of music as a dialogue that we participate in, as makers, fans, & critics. It started in 2009, when I started covering shows for a few publications- but had no camera to shoot the bands. So in what seemed like a logical conclusion at the time, I began drawing the bands I was covering at the shows themselves as a kind of illustrated journalism (like lo-fi photojournalism).

Music has been the largest single inspiration for my work, and I have spent a lot of artistic energy trying to capture the experience of live music. Most often I work in ballpoint pen & Sharpie markers.

I really *do want to draw your band. To invite me to a show (even after NXNE), email me @

follow the project on twitter @greetingsTO    #Iwanttodrawyourband



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