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STEAL THIS SHOW! visual remixes in Glencoe, ONtario

September 30, 2013

So my last room mate & long time friend Erica Lange moved out of the little underground cave/studio that I keep on St. Clair, to open an artist space in Glencoe, Ontario.

You’re probably thinking, where the fuck is Glencoe, Ontario anyways?

Glencoe is a small town just outside of London, which my brief forays into Canadian art history have taught me- is a pretty artsy fartsy city itself. The idea behind the Art Gallery (which hasn’t officially been named as of yet) is to serve as a home base for artists in the area. Members will be able to exhibit in the gallery, take lessons on a variety of media, and attend shows by visiting “artists in residence”.

To kick the whole thing off, I’m opening with the gallery’s first solo show- which opens tomorrow. My show will be called “Steal This Show- Visual Remixes”, and will contain original mixed media works on canvas produced over the past 9 years, as well as select drawings. Select pieces of my day of the dead inspired jewellery can also be purchased in the gallery, as well as prints.

This is my first solo show, and the first time I’ve really looked at the body of my work and had to ask myself about my intentions. I decided to call the show “Steal This Show”, in part because my core value as an artist is accessibility. Also, because it’s an artistic free for all out there- and someone is going to use or view your work without your permission.

There are 2 ways as an artist we can react to this. We can be like the Metallicas of this world, or we can embrace it. Which is why I invite you to “Steal This Show”. Frankly, it would be flattering if anyone thought my work was good enough to rip off.

Originality is an oxymoron. Every artist since the dawn of time is a copyist. This is how we progress artistically. We find ideas that we like, and comment artistically on them. We build on them, and ultimately try and refine them. And because perfect reproductions don’t exist, and because all artists do things a little differently from each other- something new ends up coming into existence, out of something that already exists.


For more details, & to hear me speak at length about remixes, my work, & my inspiration- please come to my artist talk on October 8th. Art Gallery @228 Main St. Glencoe, ON.

steal this show

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