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pinup shots for #BikeRackTO

October 24, 2013

usually, I’m not a model. usually, I’m that person wielding the paintbrush, or ballpoint pen- trying to convince people to take off their clothes for my art projects. (and god bless you all for doing exactly that). I’ve always considered myself more of a “behind the camera” than “in front of the camera” type, (and truth be told, I’m a little camera shy).

which is why it was really exciting to take off some clothes, and do this pin up set for fellow bicycle pornographers #BikeRackTO. mad props to them for creating a completely comfortable environment for noobie art models & aspiring nudists. check out their tumblr HERE, and follow the ongoing series of delectable local riders & their rides- in various states of undress.

(I’m thinking a collaboration for next year’s BiKe pOrN is in order).

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