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#Iwanttodrawyourband Peaches, Light Fires

October 30, 2013

These images were drawn Wednesday, October 23rd at an event called VAZA-LAUNCH- a memorial show for Will Munro & book launch for Sarah Liss’s “ARMY OF LOVERS: A COMMUNITY HISTORY OF WILL MUNRO“. The show featured musical performances by Light Fires  & Peaches. The event was also a fundraiser for the Will Munro Foundation for queers living with cancer.

Lee’s Palace was already packed when Sarah Liss took to the stage to reminisce about Will Munro & Vazaleen, the night club he used to run where the queer and music communities came together. Which is exactly what’s happening here tonight. It’s my first time experiencing this, the first time I’ve partied with drag queens at Lee’s Palace- and frankly it’s amazing. As it turns out- the product of the queer party & indie rock circuits is a strangely attractive love child.

In case you haven’t seen Light Fires yet- this newcomer band is the story & vocal stylings of Regina the Gentlelady (the leggy, blonde, drag rechristening of queer indie rocker Gentleman Reg), with music by James Bunton. The energetic electronica one-girl show is a total crowd pleaser- and the experience is heightened by being able to watch Peaches in the window above the stage, taking pictures like a fan girl. I’m inclined to share her excitement. There is something really exciting about this act, which blends the fun of drag (an art in it’s own right, but where lip syncing is king), with candid & original dance music. I did like Reg while he was in the picture, but have to agree that Regina has more fun.

Before Peaches will take the stage, Peaches’ friend and collaborator DJ Bettie Ford explains that the audience will have to join in on a few choruses of their joint effort “I’m Bored of Rob Ford“. Halfway through the song, Peaches takes to the stage- dressed in a gold bodysuit & over size hair metal wig, with matching gold skulls protruding out from her shoulders. Compared to when I last saw her play at the Phoenix, this show sees Peaches pulling less stunts and costume changes- and focusing more on DJing. She plays through a set that includes favourites spanning her discography that includes “Talk To Me”, “Boys Wanna Be Her”, and “Fuck The Pain Away”. As well as several costume changes, her tickle trunk includes several bottles of Spumante Bambino, which for her finale, she pours into into the waiting mouths of her audience. I’m a little short to lean in for a sip, but my friend gets one, and it makes his night.

The night ends with a dancing penis on stage, slowly pulling a long strand of cum out of it’s tip. Between this show and Vag Halen a few days earlier, it’s been 2 really excellent, queer music events in a row- and I’m wondering how to follow these acts up. I wish I had been around for the original Vazaleen nights, but for now I’ll have to content myself with Liss’s book of stories.

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