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glitterbomb first event: To Russia With Love

October 31, 2013

please come to the art party I’m hosting through our new arts collective! check out my nifty poster design, featuring the beautiful & outspoken Donnarama!


glitterbomb is a new, queer arts collective based in Toronto, Canada.

initially 2 members, we came together to help each other achieve our personal and collective artistic goals. we have different talents and areas of artistic expertise. glitterbomb is our space to come together and work on multimedia projects, art parties, & happenings that showcase our different talents. we hope to provoke discourse on issues regarding queers, women, and human beings- & to show fabulosity in the face of adversity.

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our first party will take place Sunday, November 10 @ Rancho Relaxo

it is a benefit party for ALL OUT called To Russia With Love. 100% of the money collected will go towards the group’s campaign for homosexual equality in Russia- a timely issue, which is very dear to our hearts.

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