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#mediacircus (to stupefy & amaze) unveiling TONIGHT! @ Super Wonder Gallery

March 28, 2014
#mediacircus (to stupefy & amaze)

#mediacircus (to stupefy & amaze)

My latest piece is a 2ft X 4ft mixed media work on canvas, titled “#mediacircus (to stupefy & amaze)”.  I chose to do this piece as mixed media to reference the various, and changing ways that we consume media- and features elements of painting, collage, poster design, social media, and drawing. It will be on display *TONIGHT* at the Super Wonder Gallery as a part the Super Big Top show, which features circus themed artworks.

When I sat down and decided to work on this piece, it just seemed obvious to work with the ideas of “media circus” as well as government based on “bread & circuses”.  After a whole year of seeing nothing in the news but Miley Cyrus twerking up on everything, one Rob Ford scandal after another, and people getting pumped for an Olympics held against a backdrop of human rights violations- it seemed obvious who the subjects in this painting needed to be. Our fascination, and need to follow these kinds of scandalous news stories never ceases to amaze me- and in a way you kind of have to admire what a good show someone like Rob Ford puts on (if only to keep from crying). So this is a salute to the lowest common denominator in public opinion and governance. My way of giving the public eye what it seems to crave.

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