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#Iwanttodrawyourband does Wavelength 592 @ Bike Pirates

April 2, 2014

Here are some images Ehab & I created while @ Wavelength 592 last Saturday night at Bike Pirates.

The show marked the return of Wavelength curated shows, after a brief break following #WL14 this past February. It felt pretty cool to hang out in Bike Pirates after dark (the volunteer-run, learn how to DIY repair space feels pretty punk even when it’s not in the middle of holding a show). The night started off loud and heavy, with an ear-shattering performance by Toronto Homicide Squad. New Positions continued in the same vein of aural assault, weaving some electronic sounds into their blanket of dark vibes. With tracks which would fit nicely over a montage of Vietnam war footage, B-17 was hard rock with a heavy handed dose of psychedelia (and my stand out band of the evening). Then we were dragged back into the darkness by masked performers White Ribs, whose set was more than a little occult feeling- with mad chanting over jarring, stabbing instrumentation.

Aesthetically, Wavelength’s return stood in stark contrast to the love fest they threw last February (although, Wavelength shows are always pretty warm- even when line up is designed to assault the senses). For many of us in the audience, this dark detour seemed to provide us with some much needed catharsis. I walked away from the show feeling psychically refreshed- like as if I’d had some emotional spring cleaning.

Wavelength continues with the second of their shows in a bicycle themed venue next Wednesday, April the 9th- when Picastro drops their new record at Cinecycle. There will an early show 7:30, and a late show 10:30- with 2 different openers. For more deets see

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