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#Iwanttodrawyourband Living Daylight String Band, Flood and Pass

April 3, 2014

Pictures & words by EHAB ARAFEH
This past Sunday the Holy Oak was a lot more packed than usual- but that’s to be expected considering the stellar line up they had that night. Playing that night were some of my favorite Toronto musicians. First on the bill was Flood and Pass. The 2 piece band consists of Philips Saylor and local singer songwriter Simone Schmidt. The duo traded songs from their own projects, as well as sang some original numbers that they plan on recording soon. Their soft ballads sounded beautiful and kept the packed café in silence.

After them, Holy Oak regulars- the Living Daylight Stringband came on. They play every 2nd Thursday of the month, and are truly one of the hidden gems in the city. They’re a five-piece old-timey band (picture drawn while some of the other members were on tour) that just has that quality you look for in a band. Playing a slew of traditional old songs that you just can’t help but tap your feet to- or even let out the occasional holler. It might not be everybody’s taste but I love it, it’s why I keep going back to see them and they definitely did not disappoint that night.


Flood & Pass EHAB

Flood & Pass EHAB

Living Daylight String Band EHAB

Living Daylight String Band EHAB

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