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FEAST IN THE EAST TURNS 3 #Iwanttodrawyourband

June 5, 2014

before we dive head first into NXNE and the start of summer, let’s take a moment & catch up on May. it’s not newsworthy, but I had a month long bout of bronchitis that I contracted from smokers lungs and the changing seasons. as a result of which, I am now playing catch up on the happenings around this fair city- at which greetings from toronto was present.

these are some pictures Ehab & I created while at FEAST IN THE EAST’s 3rd bday party, which occurred Friday May 2nd. the feast was held in a new, roomier location at Jam Factory on 2 Matilda St. the new larger space was a more comfortable fit for the expanding audience for the music series- and having some seating room was also a plus.

some of the highlights included introducing some friends to the music of Petra Glynt. Petra is probably the act we have covered most on #Iwanttodrawyourband. seeing her name on the bill is usually a sure way to draw us out to a show- because her performances are consistently dazzling, and really it’s just a matter of time before she gets picked up and starts playing larger shows. but if Petra was the obvious delight, then Mmm Mmm (the collaboration of Sexy Merlin + Man Made Hill) was the surprise stand out performance. the duo threw out some powerfully psychedelic grooves that made for the surprising dance hit of party.


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