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#Iwanttodrawyourband double feature ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES & CHAD VANGAALEN

June 6, 2014

now that there’s 2 of us, #Iwanttodrawyourband can be in 2 places at once.

so on Saturday May 24th while I was the Chad VanGaalen & Cousins show, Ehab was in Kensington Market sketching Wavelength 600- All Tomorrow’s Parties II. All Tomorrow’s Parties was a day-time/night-time celebration of collaboration, featuring a bill of collaborative music projects- and brought forth by collective hosts Wavelength+ Weird Canada+ Silent Shout+ Pleasance Records+ Feast in the East+ Healing Power Records.

meanwhile at lee’s palace…

we were in the sway of a sold out, double LP release tour for Cousins & Chad VanGaalen. Chad has been on my radar for a long time. in fact, some scribbles I made while at his show years ago at Trinity St. Paul’s church was what really kick started this band drawing obsession for me. which is why I’m a little surprised to find that I liked Cousins performance more out of the 2. they have a really interesting stage dynamic where without saying much, the duo were able to project their stage presence out into the audience and really fill up the room- (which by the way, is a really hard thing to do in Lee’s Palace- where I’ve seen a lot of my favourite bands play just okay sets). their new record The Halls of Wickwire is sure to be an inclusion on my list of summer jams, and you can sample it here.

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