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#Iwanttodrawyourband does CMW 2014 & NXNE 2014

June 10, 2014

I was looking forward to doing coverage of Canadian Music Week this year, so it was unfortunate that I came down with the flu- which turned into bronchitis- which turned into spending the better part of May ill.

I managed to take in all of 4 bands this year;

CATL  &  King Kong + BBQ Sultan at the Garrison on the Thursday.

I also made sure to drag my sorry self out of bed to catch Dan Boeckner’s new band The Operators. There was no excuse for missing that one- the band made their concert debut with triple back-to-back-to-back headlining performances at the Silver Dollar Room- on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the fest. And although I only saw a few sets, I feel pretty confident saying they were one of the best things at CMW this year.

Would it have been nice to see Brody Dalle at the the Horseshoe Tavern on Wednesday? Even though it was a limited wrist band entry show, and we hate that those exist? (yes) And isn’t it annoying that I missed We Are Wolves (AGAIN!). Or that I didn’t get to stoke my Montreal music fetish further by attending the M for Montreal + Wavelength curated showcase, featuring a bill consisting only of Montrealais bands whose name also start with the letter M. (ugh yes) But let’s face it, music festivals are a test of party stamina at the best of times- so I feel okay having seen a few sets that were quality.

Speaking about concert marathons to challenge even the bravest weekend warriors, the 20th anniversary of NXNE is just around the corner. Ehab & I are going to be doing our rock & roll illustration project #Iwanttodrawyourband at select shows during the 10 day long fest. I’m particularly excited to get debacherous on VICE ISLAND with LE1F and some of my closest friends & family. Then I’m going to wake up the next morning and check out The Pizza Underground’s performance at the Edward Day Gallery. I’ve also got work featured in the NXNE Photo Show @ the Black Cat gallery under my misnomer Natty Emme. (Ehab & I are preparing a special zine for the occasion!) And we’re throwing our own annual arts and music showcase BiKe P0rN 3, on June 14th- as a sort of off Bike Month, off NXNE, off World Pride artistic one night stand. (It’s also at Black Cat gallery). Add World Pride into the mix, and basically there’s going to be no sleep from now til June 30th- but in the best, best kind of way.

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