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#Iwanttodrawyourband BADBADNOTGOOD

July 11, 2014

I made this drawing at the BadBadNotGood show at Adelaide Hall last Thursday, July 3.

the show was presented by Redbull Sound Select as part of a series of $3 shows (if you RSVP in advance), and curated by Arts & Crafts.

the crowd was a lot less pushy than the last time I saw them, in concert with Shout Out Out Out last year at CMW. not such a bad thing, as a the rambunctiousness of the crowd made it impossible to capture the band as I fought to stay out of eye of the weird jazz mosh pit which had formed in front of the stage. this time I was successful by grabbing a vantage point to the side of the stage instead of up front.

there are a lot of things I liked about the BadBadNotGood show. I liked their youthful energy, and how they control the crowd like a seasoned hip hop MC. I like their weird lady lion mascot that they bring on stage to help pump up the crowd. I like that they did a Flying Lotus cover (because of my weird notion that every band should have at least one good cover in their repertoire). I like the random banter about cookies, and the way that the stage reeks of fries from a midshow McDonalds run. but what I think I liked best about this show was so many people getting excited about a genre of music all but assumed dead- jazz.

*I feel like I should mention here that BBNG aren’t strictly a jazz band in the traditional sense of the term, but they bring a lot of jazz to what they do.



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