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#Iwanttodrawyourband does TURF Fest

July 22, 2014

The weekend of TURF fest was one of those weekends where so much happened in such a short span of time, that I had to spend a week in bed recovering. I had dedicated the weekend of July 4-6 to volunteering with Homegrown National Park, which was running a booth at TURF music festival. Which is how I got to spend my weekend at Fort York, watching rock bands and hanging out with David Suzuki’s urban park rangers- including my pal Brian Banks who has just launched his new project Homegrown Sound which promotes nature through music.

However, it’s not very often that I get an entire weekend off- so I decided to make the most of it by also squeezing in round the clock activities not exclusively related to TURF. Here are some of the highs and lows:


-SEEING THE VIOLENT FEMMES LIVE IN CONCERT. I had a simple agenda for the weekend. Rearrange all volunteering around seeing the Violent Femmes perform. There are some other bands on the bill that I want to see, I guess, but everything pales in comparison to the wild! wild! enthusiasm I feel for seeing the Femmes play. I only got into the Femmes about10 years ago in high school, so I never had any hopes of seeing them play live. And then this TURF Fest thing happens, and as luck has it I get invited to volunteer at it! Everything is coming up Milhouse! But how will the Violent Femmes sound 20 years past their prime? Fucking awesome! that’s how they sound. They start the set by playing their self-titled LP from start to finish, which is a total crowd pleaser. After playing through the album, the band moves to some of their lesser known bluegrass/country material- before finishing with “American Music”. Awesome.

-DRAWING IN THE PHOTO PIT. I really like drawing in the photo pit. Sometimes my photographer friends like to take me in there, because they think it’s fun to see me do my drawings in there. Ask the photographers for advice on getting great band shots, and they’ll tell you it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. So for the Femmes, I thought I would be cheeky and waltz in there, but on my own this time. An angry VIP noticed my lack of a media wristband and alerted the security guard. Who was actually pretty cool, and let me stay and do my drawings. (I still felt pretty good about this when I found out later that everyone was allowed into the photo pit to watch the show after the photographers vacated.)

-MEETING COOL PEOPLE. I love making new friends at music festivals, and there’s something about sketching at rock shows that makes people want to chat with you. It’s a winning combo. I end up meeting an awesome couple of folks, one of whom is a writer named Daniel Rouse who asks me to collaborate on a piece for their Expat Blog with the Telegraph. We decide to go to more shows together 🙂

dances with skunks

dances with skunks

FINISHING OFF A GREAT DAY BY PARTYING INTO THE NIGHT. I know that I probably should go to sleep Saturday night. It’s been a long weekend of not a lot of sleep, and it started Thursday night when I opted to go to see BADBADNOTGOOD with a friend even though I have work in the morning. Then Friday night after Beirut wraps up at TURF, I bike to the east end to start an all night art marathon with Ehab. His friend has commissioned an outdoor art piece as an engagement present for his girlfriend, and we stay up til 9:30 in the morning finishing the project. I get a few hours of sleep, then bike down to Fort York for more music festival fun. After the fest finishes up for the day, I’m feeling awesome- so I decide to take up an invite a party my friends are throwing- themed America! Fuck Ya! Which is how I end up partying with a bunch of musicians, waitresses, and members of an inter-mural rugby team until sunrise. Which brings me to my lows.



GETTING INTO A BIKE ACCIDENT. I haven’t partied til sunrise in a long, long time. But this week I end up doing it 3 times. I’m a tired girl, and when my front tire blows out on my ride home from the party- I barely can comprehend what’s happening. I hit the curb face first, and neither my bike nor I are in any condition to ride home- so I lock up and cab home. I have a “Dude, where’s my bike?” moment when I go to retrieve my bike when I’m finally feeling better- as well as making the delightful discovery that some asshole has stolen my back wheel and bike seat. On the bright side, it was a minor incident and I was just a little bruised and scraped. And my friends came to my rescue, and cleaned me up and calmed me down when I arrived home with a bleeding face. I end up missing the last day of the fest due to recovery (and end up sick for a week after, bummer). But it’s not a total waste because I give my wristband to Ehab, who gets captures the rest of the festival in drawings for the series.

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