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#Iwanttodrawyourband does the Champion Lover album release

July 23, 2014
champion lover collab

champion lover collab

Here are some images Ehab & I made at the Champion Lover’s Album Release Party at Sneaky Dees, on Friday July 18th, 2014. We decided to try something different, and collaborated on the drawing of the headlining band.

On the self-titled LP the local noise punk band is moody, distorted, a little heavy, and at times downright grungy. The turbulent album feels like a storm brewing, but isn’t without some pop sensibilities. There’s a catchiness in the dissonance that has me coming back for more. On the album’s stand out track “She Likes Wu-Tang”, the band draws comparison to early (more punk rock) Nirvana. However the similarities dissipate live. The band has a pretty slick look in contrast to their sludgy sound. They also seem to have their own devoted set of fans, who sing a European football style cheer for them when they take to, and leave the stage. Overall, it’s a solid record with little (if any) fat to trim. I imagine that it would sound very good hissing and popping on vinyl.

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