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#Iwanttodrawyourband does Hillside Fest

July 30, 2014

Ehab shares some drawings he made at Hillside Festival last weekend, between volunteer shifts. When I asked him if he had any highlights from the fest, he answered getting to see Feist play as a part of super-group Hydra was definitely a nice surprise. So was getting asked by Alvvays midset, about the drawings he was making.

If you haven’t bumped into us at a show, you may not have realized that we actually make these drawings live during the musical performances (although we admittedly add some finishing touches after the fact). It leads to some interesting reactions from the audience, and sometimes even the bands we draw. Usually at least once a set, someone comments on the art we’re making while we watch the performance and it leads to a conversation about music. And art. And that is exactly the point.

Back in Toronto we’re just tying up some loose ends, and getting ready to go on another road trip. We’re waking up early, and starting our drive down to Sackville, New Brunswick for Sappyfest. We’ll be taking the scenic route, with some stops in Quebec on the way there and back. Time to dust off my rusty French. We’ll probably be incommunicado for about a week, after which we’ll have a ton of new drawings to post- and maybe some stories about the inappropriate things that young people do at music festivals too!


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