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I want to draw your band

is an ongoing, archival music project where we draw musicians live in concert.

(with very few exceptions) in Toronto, Canada.

it started in 2009, when I began creating quirky drawings to accompany my amateur forays into music writing. what can I say; I’ve never been much of a photographer, and pen and paper seemed more accessible. initially, I worked from photos taken from the show. as my skill grew, the project became more about drawing the bands while they played live. I called this live drawing, and think of the series as an illustrated journalistic project. an alternative to photojournalism- with it’s roots in low-fi, & DIY.

in 2013 the project was included in the first NXNE ART, as curated by Kate Hollett.

and it continues today with the help of greetings from toronto collective member Ehab Arafeh.

please get in contact if you would like to have your band drawn 🙂

*artists, you may use this drawing anywhere online, but please contact me before printing (esp. for merch).

thanks, Natascha Malta & Ehab Arafeh

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